What makes someone innovative? That depends on what you think. I think an innovative person helps the world by leaving something positive behind. Some innovative people are: Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and  Alexander Graham Bell. All of these people left behind something that helped change the world for the better, whether it be technology, or a legacy that helped change the way a people was treated. 

Two of my favorite innovators are the Wright brothers. They pioneered flight, showed that anyone can change the world, and that even if you don't succeed  the first couple times you can eventually get it right. Their friends and families even considered them crazy but sometimes in order to innovative you have to be a little crazy. The Wright brothers left a enormous impact on the world, and that's why they're my favorite innovators.  

04/24/2013 12:40pm

I agree that the Wright brothers are very innovative. Though I myself I would say that MacGyver is just as innovative. Even though he was a fictional character, he was innovative. I just guess it is a matter of opinion between two student.

04/28/2013 1:48pm

Christian, this is a great blog. I could see why the wright brothers are your favorite! Although my favorite innovators are different people, I do agree with you that the Wrght Brothers are very innovative too! In my opinion, being creative in a tremendous way, is what innovative means to me.


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