Most people are born with five senses, those senses are: hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, and feeling. If i had to choose one of these senses to lose it would be a very hard decision considering i use each and every one literally hundreds of times each day. I would definitely not give up my sense of sight, I am already always bumping into stuff with that sense me without it would just be a train wreck. Also, I need my hearing as well, how else would i listen to music or hear something coming towards me. I need my sense of taste as well, how else would I appreciate delicious food. Sense of touch is really important to me as well, considering I to feel everything I come across.
I would give up my sense smell. Smell, to me, is one of the least important senses out of the five. I believe that anyone can survive without smell. The only drawback to losing smell is that I wouldn't be able to smell nice things, and if there were to be a gas leak I would not smell it and most likely die.

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