Most people are born with five senses, those senses are: hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing, and feeling. If i had to choose one of these senses to lose it would be a very hard decision considering i use each and every one literally hundreds of times each day. I would definitely not give up my sense of sight, I am already always bumping into stuff with that sense me without it would just be a train wreck. Also, I need my hearing as well, how else would i listen to music or hear something coming towards me. I need my sense of taste as well, how else would I appreciate delicious food. Sense of touch is really important to me as well, considering I to feel everything I come across.
I would give up my sense smell. Smell, to me, is one of the least important senses out of the five. I believe that anyone can survive without smell. The only drawback to losing smell is that I wouldn't be able to smell nice things, and if there were to be a gas leak I would not smell it and most likely die.
School lunches, honestly? I'm okay with them. Their nutritional value does not affect my choice in eating them. I eat school lunches purely because i don't want to bring my own lunch to school, they're a convenience for me. They taste alright to me, and alright is good enough. Their nutritional  value really isn't of importance to me.
I think the only thing you really need to change about school lunches is to increase the proportions given out. I'm not being filled with the food given out. Other than that I'm just fine with the food the way it is.
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Online safety is very important today considering a lot of web sites are used for meeting complete strangers. Online safety is simply protecting your identity and yourself from any " unsavory " characters you might meet online. If you're not safe about what you do online people could easily find where you live and come to your house. 

The number 1 tip for online safety is not to give out any identifying details about yourself. 2nd is do not send any pictures of yourself. Last but definitely not least if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult. And now some resources for parents:
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An argumentative essay is an essay where you have to state a claim, provide evidence for that claim. To begin an argumentative essay state your claim and give short reasons why you have that claim. After that you should give an opposite view of your claim. After that give detailed information on why you're right.
Good topics for argumentative essays are school dress codes, the amount of sugar that should be allowed in drinks, and global warming. Also, before you begin your essay you should research your topic. This will give you the appearance of knowing a lot about what you're talking about.
What makes someone innovative? That depends on what you think. I think an innovative person helps the world by leaving something positive behind. Some innovative people are: Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and  Alexander Graham Bell. All of these people left behind something that helped change the world for the better, whether it be technology, or a legacy that helped change the way a people was treated. 

Two of my favorite innovators are the Wright brothers. They pioneered flight, showed that anyone can change the world, and that even if you don't succeed  the first couple times you can eventually get it right. Their friends and families even considered them crazy but sometimes in order to innovative you have to be a little crazy. The Wright brothers left a enormous impact on the world, and that's why they're my favorite innovators.  
Creating a podcast is not exactly the hardest thing in the world but here are a few tips. DO speak in a clear and loud voice so your listeners can understand what you're saying. DON'T use more than one device to record your podcast, using more than one can reduce the quality of the sound. DO try to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. DON'T go off of your topic to far, if you do people might feel like you lied to them by having a specific name and completely different content. DO try to keep your podcast interesting because if not they might lose interest and stop listening half way through. DON'T keep your content disorganized and jumbled up. If you follow these simple rules your podcast will be quite successful.

Standards, I don't like them one bit. You can't say this is where you should be because everyone else is there. No, everyone is different some people might take longer to learn something, some people might be faster at learning something. But, in some cases we need them to motivate people. If they realize that they are so behind everyone else they might actually try and step up. Overall standards are needed to help everyone know where they are at.
I personally am not very fond of all the rules instituted by our society. Like the no elbow on the table rule. Why can't i put my elbow on the table, what has it ever done to harm the table? But some rules i understand are needed to maintain the thread we hang to, to keep ourselves from descending into total and utter chaos. If we didn't have a rule such as no murdering someone or not being allowed to own someone else as your property then people would be just attacking each other for amusement. People would join gangs and huge battles in public, there would mass looting and riots. Even though some rules don't make sense most are needed.